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NZBEL 2022

As always we welcome feedback on our newsletters, if at any time you have some suggestions, or you would like to see any additional inclusions in the newsletter please let us know; "". We post news on our facebook page you can read the newsletter articles there too.

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Kia Ora Koutou, 
It’s been a warm start to the new year and a busy mosquito season! In the last newsletter, we looked at artificial containers as breeding habitats for mosquitoes and learned what items may be breeding mosquitoes in our backyards. This month, our Know Your Breeding Habitat segment is focusing on the naturally occurring containers that become habitats for mosquitoes. In mosquito news, hear the buzz about two different ways that researchers are using acoustic data to learn more about mosquitoes and new methods of mosquito control. Sounds interesting!

Kia ora koutou,

In the Know Your Mosquito segment this month learn about Aedes tormentor, a crepuscular exotic mosquito which is undistinguishable from Aedes atlanticus. In mosquito news, read about the relentless spread of malaria caused by the “super-mosquito” Anopheles stephensi which thrives and breeds easily in urban areas unlike the most common malaria-carrying mosquitoes, which mostly afflicts rural areas. Also, read about the spread of Japanese Encephalitis in mainland Australia, and don’t miss the RNZ podcast about Opifex fuscus, our very interesting and unique rock pool mosquito!

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Kia ora koutou katoa, it was great meeting Trainees and HPOs at the Border Health and Ship Sanitation Certificate Course in Christchurch. It is always a pleasure to get to know you and put faces and names together. We wanted to thank Community and Public Health HPOs for their support during the course.
In the news this month, learn why scientists are warning Kiwis about an outbreak of dengue fever in a warmer future. Also, learn about a new type of insecticide that can be used in bed nets in the fight against malaria. Read about the spread of Japanese encephalitis in Australia and why this is causing tougher biosecurity of horse imports to New Zealand...
Kia ora koutou katoa, On the 25th April World Malaria Day was observed, in the news read about the malaria vaccine that has proven to be a safe and effective way to substantially reduce deadly severe malaria. Also, look at how the immune system acts to protect the body after malaria infection and the implications it may have in the development of more effective vaccines. In further immunity news, read about the research exploring the relationship between the mosquito bite and the immune reaction and how it shapes the establishment of infection, and test out your skills with our mozzie crossword!

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