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Largely Happy
Thank you, I caught the mouse humanely and will probably catch many more as my house was built on their land :-) Very pleased indeed with the the wee trap.

October 2014


Just thought I'd let you know, received the mousetrap, put it in the cupboard right away and within 1/2 had caught the mouse!!! We had tried two other humane traps before that which the mouse just laughed at :)
So thanks. Well worth it...
Regards Sally
February 2013

Just wanted to let you know it is a great mouse trap we caught 10 in 2 days.... took them far from the house so knew they were not the same mice returning, very impressed!
July 2012

My three tilt mouse traps arrived in the post yesterday, and I have caught a mouse already, so its nice to have a product that works. I thank you for your prompt service and will use your website again.
Kind regards
July 2012

Dear SMS,
Tick twister does everything it says it does and removes the whole tick very cleanly and easily I am going to LEND it to my neighbours to try on their horses, thank you for yet another great product!
March 2012

Dear SMS,
I recently purchased the viola organic insect repellent from your website and am happy to report that it is excellent not only for NZ bugs but on the Aussies 'midgies' as well. I am so happy to be able to use a product on my family that is so effective without any chemical nasties - thank you SMS!
January 2012

Dear SMS,
It has arrived yesterday and I spray on the mattress and curtains. This product is great!  For the first time, my husband didn’t need to use the inhaler through the night and he feel less itchy on his skin. I really hope this will work.
Thanks so much for your help...(Allerzero)

Dear SMS,
Yes, I've purchased some last year and I think it's good.  I have some water feature and a little pond in the garden and really need some good effective mosquito control. (Mosquito Dunks).

Dear SMS,
I have found this small insect in my kitchen 2 days ago and I try everything but can't kill them . I found it looks like DUST MITE but not sure. Right now I want to buy your product  Dust Mites AllerZero. Could you please help me to make sure they are mites or not? The attachment is the photo of insect. Thank you very much for your kind help.

Thank you SMS
Great service and good quality product!

> THANKYOU !!! for your help with this, the internet is wonderful.
> Blessings, Margaret :)

Thank you very much, thats excellent information.... 
Thank you

They appear to have done their job quite well.
Thanks, (Mosquito Dunks)

The immediate effect of the product was good.  It seemed to kill all the larvae within a few hours.  It's too soon to tell about the longer term effect.  There was a bit of slime on the surface of the water a few days later but I don't know if that was related to the dunks...
Overall I was pleased with the product and service. Thanks for that very useful information.

The Aquatain seems to have been affective in preventing the build up of mosquitoes around our property. Definitely throughout the summer there seems to have been fewer around.
Thanks for the product.
Kind regards,

Hello SMS
Allerzero - Seems to have worked. We moved into an old house and my son is asthmatic. I also re-cleaned the carpets.

Thanks for your reply SMS,
Have had a read, great information. It appears there have not been any Tick Borne Relapsing Fever cases as far as I can gather, I've contacted a few other places to see if they can offer any additional info.
I'm doing my own research into an unusual condition .....
Thanks again for your reply  :-)
Kind regards

Yes, thank you, please let me know. I used Tanglefoot all the time when we lived in California for a few years. It's a great product.

Dear Friends at SMS,
Good morning! After visiting the Southern Monitoring Services website, I am impressed by the level of environmental and social responsibility exhibited. (
Southern Monitoring Services Ltd is 100% Kiwi owned and operated business established in 1995. The company Directors have a strong public health background having qualified and worked in the public sectors of Environmental Health and Health Protection. 
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