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New Zealand Mosquitoes

New Zealand has 16 species of mosquitoes. They can be divided into Native and Introduced. This page contains a mosquito profile and photographs for each mosquito species present in New Zealand. Click on the document icons to view profiles and summary factsheets.

Native Species

Aedes (Ochlerotatus) antipodeus


Aedes (Ochlerotatus) subalbirostris

  document.gif  Ae antip F side view labelled.JPG  Ae antip adult male labelled.JPG     document.gif  Ae sub F side view labelled.JPG

Aedes (Ochlerotatusarundinariae



  document.gif    Aedes Nsp-561     

Coquillettidia iracunda


Coquillettidia tenuipalpis

  document.gif  Coq iracunda F side view labelled.JPG       document.gif  Coq tenuipalpus F side view closeup labelled.JPG

Culex (Culex) asteliae


Culex (Culex) pervigilans

  document.gif  Cx asteliae F side view closeup labelled compressed.JPG     document.gif  Cx p F side view closeup labelled.JPG

Opifex chathamicus


Opifex fuscus

  document.gif  Ae chat F side view close up labelled compressed-570     document.gif  Op

Culex (Culex) rotoruae



  document.gif  Cx rotoruae M side view closeup labelled.JPG     

Culiseta novaezealandiae


Culiseta tonnoiri

  document.gif  Cu nov F side view closeup labelled.JPG     document.gif  Cu tonnoiri adult dorsal view wings3 labelled.JPG Cu ton adult F body side 3 labelled.JPG

Maorigoeldia argyropus



  document.gif  Ma argyropus F head eyes & palps labelled compressed.JPG       

Introduced Species

Aedes (Halaedes) australis


Aedes (Finlaya) notoscriptus

  document.gif  Ae australis F side view3 crop labelled.JPG     document.gif  noto feed labelled compressed.JPG

Culex quinquefasciatus



  document.gif Cx quinq ad side labelled compressed.JPG
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