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NZBEL 2021

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February 2021 documentsmall-615

Happy New Year and Kia Ora Koutou,This month we have prepared a varied newsletter for you. In case you don’t quite remember, last month we asked: Have you been finding it easy or hard to assign your sample to a particular Reason for Sampling in the Online database? Well let’s see…..scroll down to check the results for the Mix and Match Sampling Quiz. We congratulate Fiona Humpheson for taking the best series of non-mozzie pictures of the month! Check the section Know Your Mosquito - Breeding Sites to remind yourself of some things that can hold water in your garden and breed mosquitoes, which you definitely don’t want! 

Kia Ora Koutou, This month the NZB Lab have received a number of excellent mozzie pictures, so we have prepared a multi-artist exhibition of some of our favourites for you to enjoy. Also presented is the 2020 annual chart, showing the variation of mosquito numbers over the past year and highlighting the mozziest month! In the news this month we celebrate with El Salvador being certified malaria free! Learn and read about yet another unwanted guest that has made Florida its new home, the promising results obtained after a trial of a new device that targets Aedes aegypti in Mexico, and more...

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April 2021 documentsmall-615

Kia Ora Koutou, This month we have admired an HPO and mozzie photographer photos and share tips on macro photography, Thanks Aaron! And we present some facts about the African Aedes mcintoshi mosquito responsible of transmitting Rift Valley Fever.
In the news this month; NASA is using weather satellite data to alert African countries about potential outbreaks of Rift Valley fever, what is the mechanism behind the efficacy of catnip as a mosquito repellent and the University of Otago report the increasing numbers of people arriving in New Zealand carrying vector-borne diseases. Lastly find out about the latest addition to the native mosquito list in New Zealand first found over ten years ago by an NZB mozzie hunter.
Kia Ora Koutou, some of you may have already known that Roz is leaving NZBEL. We will miss such a great colleague and best friend. We wish her the best of luck in her new adventure! Farewell Roz! Thanks for all your time with us. In the news this month, Malaria Day was observed on the 25th of April. This year there are more countries than ever before on the verge of zero malaria! By the end of 2020, WHO informed that 24 countries had reported interrupting malaria transmission for three years or more. Also, researchers are studying new ways to fight malaria by modifying mosquito gut genes and fighting dengue releasing genetically modified Aedes aegypti in the Florida Keys. Lastly, learn about the dengue outbreak in the Cook Islands.

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June 2021 documentsmall-615

Kia Ora Koutou, This month we congratulate a sampler for taking the best series of non-mozzie pictures of the month, scroll down to see a couple of chironomids posing for the shot. 
This month, in the news, find out about the new guidance issued by the WHO for research on genetically modified mosquitoes. Read about the research that shows how raising a house may prevent their occupants from getting malaria in Africa and how, in Haiti, researchers are fighting malaria by creating sophisticated data models and more. Happy reading! 


Kia Ora Koutou, This month we welcome Mary Paul to the team, its great to have you join us! In the news this month, we bring you the freshly launched Manual for Surveillance and Control of Aedes vectors in the Pacific produced by the Pacific Community and the World Health Organization. Read about the latest breakthrough regarding the elusive dengue vaccine. Following that, read about the new and faster method for collecting malaria parasites. Finally, learn about how China became the first of the Western Pacific Region countries to be awarded by WHO a malaria-free certification. 

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August 2021 documentsmall-615

Kia Ora Koutou, it was great meeting the Trainees and HPOs at the Border Health course in Wellington recently. It is always a pleasure to get together and hear from your experiences while conducting mosquito surveillance or responding to suspected interceptions.In the news this month read about a successful experiment to control Anopheles gambie, a major malaria vector, and the unexpected effect of climate change on the spread of dengue fever....


Kia Ora Koutou, We hope you are keeping safe and mentally healthy during these challenging times. Thank you to all HPOs that are dedicating their efforts to keep kiwis well looked after. A special thanks to those HPOs continuing with routine mosquito surveillance despite the Covid-19 demands on the Public Health Units. In the news this month; a successful experiment to render humans invisible to Aedes aegyptimosquitoes, a new approach to protecting young African children from malaria which could reduce deaths and illness by 70%, and how papaya leaves grown in New Zealand will soon be used to treat dengue fever....

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October 2021 documentsmall-615

 Kia Ora Koutou, as you may already know the Pest and Vector course that was to be held this October in Auckland has been postponed. We hope that we can get safely together soon. In the news this month; the FIRST vaccine against malaria to get approval by the World Health Organization, how scientist managed to introduce a gene in Culex quinquefasciatus, and closer to home, learn how after successfully controlling Aedes aegypti with Wolbachia, the Aussies want to use the bacterium to control Aedes albopictus in the Torres Strait....and more 

Kia ora koutou, Thank you to all forty-nine people, including eight presenters and three organisers that participated in the first Mosquito Workshop – Monitoring and Risk Assessment Tools, organised by NZB and Te Papa, supported by MoH. We are sorry that many were on COVID response duties and where not able to attend. However, fear not all sessions were recorded, and the videos will be available at a future date on request. In the news; read about how some predictive models may need to be readjusted to understand the impact of climate change on disease vectors, and how the changes on weather patterns are helping the invasive Aedes koreicus spread around Europe

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Kia ora koutou, this month was New Zealand’s warmest November on record, and with temperatures going up, mosquito numbers have risen as well. Scroll down to see what the mozzie numbers are doing around New Zealand.

In the news this month read about; the relentless invasion of Aedes notoscriptusin California, and the discovery of rare mosquito-borne viruses in Florida. Also, have a look at the development of a novel vaccine which offers protection against Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases and check out the results gathered during three years by citizen scientist using the “Mosquito Habitat Mapper” app around the globe. On the 3rd November the sixth annual One Health Day was observed...


Kia ora koutou,

Happy New Year from the NZB Lab! We hope that everyone has had a great holiday period. As the summer heats up, the mosquito numbers are starting to increase. You may have noticed this in your backyard as well. Have a look at the “Know your Breeding Habitat” section to see what types of places may be breeding mosquitoes in your backyard.
In the news this month read about: the disruption COVID-19 is causing in African countries fighting yellow fever and malaria and more....
In this issue you can also find the yearly charts for the 2021 Mosquito Surveillance season. Also, don’t forget to scroll down and get your laughter dose with the Bite of Humour section.
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