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Pre-Course Reading

SMS Training offers a range of Public Health Statutory Officer Training courses to meet the needs of our clients and professional colleagues. Pre-course reading may be a requirement for some courses. Please review the course to be attended and select the icons below to download the required pre-course reading material. Please note that when you download any material from this website you are agreeing to all SMS  copyright policies.

Integrated Pest Management & Vectors Of Public Health Significance Surveillance Workshop 

13th MCAA Conference - Abstract Selection pdficon small

Anopheles bancroftii found in New Caledonia pdficon small

Aviation Pathways for Vector Borne Diseases pdficon small

Global Risk Mapping for Major Diseases Transmitted by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus pdficon small

High Risk Pest Caught At New Zealand Border 2008-2017 pdficon small

High Risk Exotic Mosquitoes - Plants & Animals Article 2010 pdficon small 

Medical Vector Booklet pdficon small

Mossie Surveillance in Key West pdficon small

Review of New Zealand Mosquito Surveillance - Ports, 2013 pdficon small 

Townsville Mosquito Interceptions 2012 pdficon small

Zika Virus pdficon small

Border Health Protection and Ship Sanitation Certificate

Course Directors Introduction
SMS holds the Border Health and Ship Sanitation Certification Course annually. This year it is at the Brentwood Hotel Kilbirnie, Wellington in July (click to view the timetable and dates).  
There is a requirement for all attendees  to have completed the World Health Organization's Learning Program on Ship Sanitation Inspection and Issuance of Ship Sanitation Certificates and obtain the certificate of completion prior to the course. Failure to complete the pre-course requirements will make nominees ineligible to attend.
Everyone wishing to attend the course this year needs to:
  • Register through for the On-Line Training Package
  • Complete the on-line training course (this may take up to four days but can be spread out to fit in with work demands)
  • Receive the Certificate of Completion
  • Visit a ship and participate in a Ship Sanitation Certification assessment (either alone or with an experienced Health Protection Officer)
  • The ship visit must be done prior to the commencement of the Border Health and Ship Sanitation Certification Course
Once nominations have been received the attendees will be sent an Admin Brief listing the pre-course reading and providing a link to World Health Organization's Learning Programme. These will also be uploaded to the SMS website for easy access.

SMS will require the nominee's Manager to confirm that the above requirements have been met before the nominee can be confirmed as registered to attend the course.

All students are required to read and become familiar with the following documents:

Medical Vector Booklet pdficon small

Handbook for Inspection of Ships and Issuance of Ship Sanitation Certificates pdficon small

MoH Guidelines to Ship Sanitation Certification pdficon small

The following documents give context to the course and students should be conversant with, and have an understanding of them:

Precourse Reading and Preparation pdficon small

Handbook for Management of Public Health Events on Board Ships pdficon small

Vector Surveillance and Control at Ports, Airports and Ground Crossings. pdficon small

Dengue, Urbanisation and Globalisation pdficon small

Maritime Orientation Package pdficon small

Border Health Protection Controls in New Zealand Legislation pdficon small

Medical Guide for Ships (Ch 29-32 Extracts) pdficon small

Maritime Declaration of Health pdficon small

Pratique Certificate pdficon small

Summary of IHR 2005 Ship Sanitation Provisions pdficon small

Request Form to Access SSI learning programme pdficon small

Pre-course Reading - Drinking Water 

Harbour Town - Water Supply Plan pdficon small
Harbour Town - Scenario Summary pdficon small
Harbour Town - Compliance Report pdficon small NA
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