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Mosquito Control

Mosquito control in New Zealand is improving. Environmentally friendly products are more readily available and even better are safe and effective. Bti Mozzie Stop Dunks and Mosquito Bits or Granules and Aquatain AMF are some of the most effective non toxic products available. They are most suitable for your backyard mosquito control. Mosquito dunks and granules are effective at killing mosquito larvae before they are old enough to bite. If you are not sure which product will be best for your problem, have a look at our Pest information pages for more detail about mosquito control at home in New Zealand.

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We can provide you with the most appropriate mosquito control product for your problem.
If you would like to read about New Zealand Mosquitoes or exotic mosquitoes - Click here.
Southern Monitoring Services Ltd is 100% Kiwi owned and operated business established in 1995. The company Directors have a strong public health background having qualified and worked in the public sectors of Environmental Health and Health Protection. 
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