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NZBEL 2017

Into the last quarter for 2017, hope you had a good winter and are ready for the increase in mosquito activity. We hope you enjoy the newsletters and welcome your interest and feedback, if at any time you have some suggestions, or you would like to see any additional inclusions in the newsletter please let us know; "".

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February 2017 documentsmall-615

Welcome! A busy start to the year, with 12 suspected interceptions and more than 1200 samples received, well done to all! Included this month are some interesting articles on Yellow Fever, Malaria and discussion and development of GM mosquito release trials. Most interesting is the robotic trap and drone technology – how we would love to be involved in such trials.    What weather for mosquitoes! We have had a record number of Culex quinquefasciatus with almost 15,000 larvae! NZB has been in Northland this month with Debe Anderson who kindly put up some light traps with different coloured LEDs (blue, green and red) to check the effect of light colour for those of you who don’t use the incandescent light bulbs.

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April 2017 documentsmall-615

Following the unpredictable 2017 NZ summer the mosquito numbers are also jumping up and down. We are currently receiving quite a lot of samples with many specimens after a relatively quiet period that was unusual for this time of the year. The Kaikoura earthquake in November and the resulting seafloor uplift have created numerous rockpools that are now used by Opifex fuscus to raise their offspring. Unfortunately, in the need of blood, they are invading the dwellings near the Kaikoura coastline.

As the weather continues a generally downward trend towards winter sample numbers have continued to decrease across the country. A brief weather respite for Auckland has led to a spike in interceptions which should hopefully become less frequent over the coming months. Malaria is the hot topic this month especially with WHO pilot trial for a vaccine. Farewell Julia thank you very much, and a very warm welcome Dr Mariana Musicante from us all.

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Kia Ora Koutou, Interceptions have become less frequent over the past month. Zika virus is still the hot topic this month especially after finding that a mosquito species from North America, Aedes vexans, has the capability to transmit the virus and some cases of Zika infection have been found in India. 


Kia Ora Koutou, as the winter is here our mosquito’s numbers have dropped. Interceptions have become really scarce with only three during last month. This month the principal topics are related with research and efforts to control mosquito’s populations. Last week was the National Mosquito Control Awareness week with many activities around the world. The aim is to educate the public about the significance of mosquitoes in their daily lives and the importance of the surveillance activities. We warmly welcome Rosamund Mckenzie to our team.

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August 2017 documentsmall-615

Our mosquito’s numbers have decreased as expected with the low temperatures. We had just two interceptions this month. It is a very good time to prepare all your equipment for next summer. So, if your regulator has not been checked this year then now is the perfect moment to contact us and have it done -
Kia Ora Koutou, even though the low temperatures are lingering, the days are getting longer, the plants are flowering and the birds are preparing their nests. The spring is in the air! Are you all ready for next mosquito season? If your regulator has not been checked this year then now is the perfect moment to contact us and have it done ( the 20th of August, the World Mosquito day has been celebrated! Scroll down and find out why.

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Kia Ora Koutou, daylight savings has arrived and with it comes longer sunshine hours and warmer temperatures, a perfect mix for an increase in mosquito activity around the country! I hope you are all gearing up for the summer mosquito season as it is fast approaching! Luckily our numbers are unlikely to get as high as in Florida after Irma stakes. Scroll down to the news articles below to find out what they are currently dealing with. 

Kia Ora Koutou, It was great to meet many of you in the Auckland course this month. It is fantastic to put faces to the names of the people you work with every day! Please remember that all of you are very welcome to come to the lab for a “mozzie clinic”. Here we can show you how we identify larvae and adult mozzies, practice setting up adult traps and discuss your surveillance program including sampling sites and equipment needs. If you have any questions, please contact the lab.

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December 2017 documentsmall-615

Kia Ora Koutou
The mosquito season is upon us, with numbers increasing hastily. This month temperatures have been high and water levels low in many regions. The nutrients disolved in the water are becoming more concentrated. Could this make the mozzie numbers increase rapidly with the next rain? This month the news is focused on predicting the mozzies next steps and the different ways to fight against them.
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We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Kia Ora Koutou
Have you been wondering what the mosquitoes have been up to around the country this year? Scroll down and have a look at the figures and find out the busiest mozzie month in 2017 and how the numbers change throughout the year.We would also like to share with you all the best interception mozzie picture of the month. In the news, a dengue vaccine is now available on the market. However, in some cases, it can be as dangerous as the virus itself. On the other hand, the Zika virus seems to be having a break.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2018! The Lab Team :-)

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