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Yellow Sticky Traps
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Yellow Sticky Traps

Sticky Whitefly Traps - 5 Traps/Pack
NZ $18.00
Yellow Sticky Traps - Large size
(Note packaging may differ from image provided)
Capture Whitefly, Aphids and other small flying insects.
Use in your glass house or conservatory, hang in fruit vines like Raspberry's or Passionfruit. They work very well!
Contains No Pesticide and are non toxic.
Each pack contains 5 sticky traps with hangers.
Each trap is approximately 23cm x 10cm.
Smaller traps are available on request (7.8cm x 12.5cm).

These traps have been carefully designed to attract small flying insects to the trapping surface by use of specific coloured pigments, without the use of chemicals.
Aphids, Whitefly and other troublesome insects (e.g. Thrips and Scariads) will be caught by the specially developed non-drying adhesive used on the trap.Insects generally prefer the colour yellow and will fly to it and get stuck. These can reduce whitefly infestations by 90% with no spraying. Hang them or stake them every 4-6 feet throughout the garden if you have a problem.

Best results will be obtained when the traps are used from early in the season to capture insects as they fly into the crop, and before Whitefly or Aphid numbers build up.

How to use Yellow Sticky Traps?

Yellow Sticky Traps for Organic Pest Control: Yellow sticky traps and homemade traps using Tanglefoot adhesives has to be one of the most under utilised organic insect control solutions we have in New Zealand.

The glue is long lasting and doesn’t dry out, it comes in paste or putty form and is really, really sticky and is an amazingly clever tool for your garden.
Tanglefoot and the Yellow sticky traps can be used in many ways; here's just a few.
  • Hang yellow sticky traps in your green house and amongst your garden - you'll be amazed at how many pest insects you catch!
  • Staple yellow sticky traps to stakes in the vegetable garden or amongst your roses (or make your own yellow card and coat with tanglefoot glue) to easily catch aphids, fruit flies and whiteflies. Staple them to sticks first! It is so easy and the adhesive sticky traps last and last!
  • Start early in the season to keep numbers low from the onset.
  • Wrap tree wrapping around the trunks of trees (above dog and kid height) and making sure there are no spaces – then coating the tape with glue so caterpillars (who come down during the day) can’t get back into the tree and their protective nests. This is a great option for Codling moth control.
  • Coat apple sized red balls with the glue and hang in your apple and fruit trees. When insects decide to land on the “ripe” apple, they get caught.
  • Make you own and coat yellow cards (bright yellow) with tanglefoot and hang them in greenhouses or glasshouses, or simply hanging the yellow sticky traps in place where fruit flies (vinegar flies are attracted to over ripe fruit), or out in the garden.
  • Coating sky-blue plastic with glue attracts thrips. So if you have a lot of gladiola damage (streaking flowers) or other plant damage due to thrips then make blue cards are beloved by thrips.
If you get the sticky glue on your hands, use baby oil, eucalyptus oil to remove. Citrus based desolve products also work well. Keep your sticky traps out of pets reach as well as those little sticky fingers of children.

DO NOT put adhesive garden glues directly on the bark of trees. Always use a tree wrap such as tangle foot tree tape and put the glue directly on the tape. This tape will last 1-2 years and is easily replaced (the glue hardens up over the winter and needs replacing yearly). The paste can be warmed to soften it and make it easier for spreading.

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