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Codling Moth Trap - Pheromone
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Codling Moth Trap - Pheromone

Codling Mother Trap - Pheromone
NZ $29.90
Codling moth pheromone trap pack - Packaging may vary from Image.
Effective monitoring and trapping of male codling moth for a whole season.
Natural, organic pheromones (sex attractants given off by female moths) lure male moths into a sticky trap from which they cannot escape to breed.
Less eggs are laid and there are fewer moth larvae to attack your apples.

Each pack is sufficient to protect 3-5 trees and contains:
1 trap with hanging wire
2 replaceable sticky trap inserts
2 pheromone lures.

Simple to use, harmless to pets, bees and beneficial insects.
Click on the image to view assembling instructions and more information.

What is Codling Moth?

The codling moth (Cydia pomonella) is a member of the Lepidopteran family Tortricidae. They are known as an agricultural pest, their larva being the common apple worm or maggot. It is found throughout New Zealand and is a regular pests of apple orchards and backyard apple trees. It also attacks pears, walnuts, and other tree fruits.
The codling moth is greyish with light grey and copper stripes on its wings, and has an average wingspan of 17 mm. The females lay eggs on fruit or leaves and the black-headed yellow larvae attack the fruit immediately upon hatching. Each larva burrows into the fruit, eats for around three weeks, then leaves the fruit to overwinter and pupate elsewhere. Most nourishment is obtained by feeding on the seeds.

Pheromone traps are a form of Mating Disruption control; capturing the male moth they are unable to mate with the female moth meaning fewer eggs and larvae.

Pheromone traps are a great alternative to chemical pesticide control methods and are becoming more and more common in the backyard. You can also use adhesive bands on the trunks of apple trees, try the tangletree insect barrier and make your own traps.

Applying neem granules under the tree every 6-8 weeks throughout spring and summer also is said to have deterent properties. Neem is also great for soil health!

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