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Aquatain 250ml
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Aquatain 250ml

Aquatain Liquid Mosquito Film 250ml
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Aquatain kills mosquitoes! And provides a residual for up to four weeks by blocking the mosquito life cycle.

Aquatain AMF is a unique silicone based liquid for mosquito control. It is not a toxic chemical – it works by forming a very thin film on the water’s surface and destroying the aquatic stages of the mosquito lifecycle.  It has a physical action rather than chemical action and is non-toxic. Even better its not affected by wind action and doesn't accumulate at the water edges.

Advantages of Aquatain AMF

It is a physical rather than chemical process, it blocks the mosquito lifecycle, no chemical resistance by mosquitoes, Aquatain is a self spreading liquid and finally, it reduces evaporation

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How does Aquatain AMF work?

Aquatain AMF affects the mosquito breeding cycle at all levels. Trials have been undertaken by independent organisations around the world, and they show a consistent pattern:

• the pupae of all mosquito species are destroyed within a couple of hours
• the larvae of all mosquito species are also destroyed, but the time frame varies between species
• females are deterred from laying eggs on treated water or drown when attempting to lay their eggs.

How long does Aquatain last?

The Aquatain AMF film has some unique features which make it very a long lasting and effective product for mosquito control:

• it will spread around vegetation to completely cover the water surface (forming a continuous barrier against mosquitoes)
• it is resistant to ultra violet degradation
• it will remain effective for at least 4 week

If you use sparing in your backyard a bottle of Aquatain will last for 2-3 seasons!

How to Apply Aquatain?

For small bodies of standing water such as, birdbaths, blocked gutters and drains, ponds, water tanks, septic tanks and old tyres, simply apply 0.5-1.0ml per m2. A few drops is all that is needed on smaller areas such as pot plant saucers. Repeat application every 4 weeks.

Click on the information sheet above and please send us an enquiry if you have any questions!

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