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Fruit Fly Trap - Trapple Pestrol
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Fruit Fly Trap - Trapple Pestrol

Fruit Fly Trap - Trapple Pestrol
NZ $20.90
incl GST
Fruit fly or vinegar fly trap.
Each Kit contains:
1 x Trapple (Apple)
1 x attractant that lasts 5-6 weeks,
1 x adhesive board that lasts 5-6 weeks.

This Fruit Fly Trap is designed as an attractive, decorative method of keeping your fruit fresh by eliminating the annoyance of fruit flies and those tiny midge like flies that are attracted to fruit and tomatoes. With trapple™, only four quick, clean, easy steps are needed to capture and contain fruit flies in your home.

Suggestions for use:
Trapple is a new product and is the easiest way to remove tiny fruit flies (vinegar flies) and annoying wee midge from your home or office.
Place trap into fruit bowl, beside your food scrap bin, or anywhere close to where fruit flies and midge are present. Enjoy quiet & clean control of fruit flies and midge in your kitchen. The tiny flies will be trapped both on the adhesive trap card and inside the attractant cup.

COMMON NAME: Fruit (small)/vinegar flies SCIENTIFIC NAME: Drosophila spp. CLASS/ORDER/FAMILY: Insecta/Diptera/Drosophilidae METAMORPHOSIS: Complete
Fruit flies and midge are nuisance pests but may act as disease vectors. Species are worldwide in distribution and are found throughout New Zealand and Australia.
HABITS. Small fruit flies and vinegar flies and some midge are attracted primarily to fresh fruits and vegetables and those fermenting because of yeast. Materials lose their attractiveness when they begin to decay because of bacteria and fungi. Materials commonly infested include bananas, grapes, peaches, pineapples, tomatoes, mustard pickles, potatoes, etc. and fermenting liquids such as beer, cider, vinegar, and wine; some species are attracted to human and animal excrement. The larvae develop primarily in liquids and near the surface but seek drier areas for pupation. Newly emerged adults are attracted to lights. Because of their short life cycle of 8-10 days, they can exploit many temporarily available developmental sites such as sour mop and broom heads, fruit under a table or cabinet, fruit left out in a bowl,  and food scrap compost bins etc. Dishwater and mop water full of food particles can accumulate on surfaces and/or in crevices and ferment, providing ideal fly breeding conditions.
Adults tend to hover in small circles. Because of their small size, many species are able to penetrate ordinary screens.

Refills are also available. Or try refilling with cider vinegar and use the Tanglefoot Insect Pest Barrier to make your own sticky!

Make your own Sticky Traps for Vinegar flies and other  Insect Pests

You can make your own sticky traps using the Tanglefoot Adhesive glue range of products, click to view - Tanglefoot Insect Barrier and Tangle-Trap Sticky Coating Adhesives.

To make your own traps you need a glue or adhesive that won't dry out, the Tanglefoot range are ideal for this.

One of the nice things about making your own sticky traps is that you can choose what colour backing card or shape of trap to use as an attractant, and what kind of insect bait you want to use.

For example, thrips are attracted to the colour of the flower they are a nuisance pest on, if the flower is purple and white - make your card traps purple and white. They don't have to be a work of art, the insects are not that fussy. Vinegar flies or fruit flies like over ripe fruit. The Trapple Apple is great and can be used as the base for your own traps instead of using the refill. Try a small piece of fruit inside the apple - strawberry or kiwifruit works well, and re-apply the tanglefoot adhesive glue to the inside of the trap and on the card.

The Trapple Apple works in the garden too, Hang it from the Apple tree and coat the outside with tanglefoot insect barrier to catch those moths and caterpillars!

Other things to try - when applying the tanglefoot sticky trap coating or insect barrier to your trap, lightly coat the knife or spatula you are using with a thin coating of soap to help with the spreading, and you only need a thin coat of adhesive non-drying glue - 1mm to 1.6mm is adequate.

Make tunnels for ants and cockroach type insects, and you can bait them with peanut butter or jam.

Most traps work best with an attractant and a bait.

Have questions? Please send us an enquiry

Customer Feedback!

Dear SMS

the trap works a treat, tiny midge flies get stuck or drown and it looks good on the bench. When vinegar seems weak, a teeny piece of ripe strawberry and tomato and its great!. thanks.

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